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a la mode absinthe aioli
al dente alcohol Alfredo sauce
amuse-bouche anchovy paste antipasto
appellation artisanal arugula, rocket, roquette

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baba ghanoush bain-marie, water bath bake
baking powder baking sheet, baking pan baking stone, pizza stone
ballotine barbecue bard
basil baste batter
bay leaf bean béarnaise sauce
beat bechamel beef
beer beignet bento
beurre blanc beurre noir, beurre noisette binding agent
bison, buffalo bitters blacken
blanch blind bake bloom (chocolate)
boil bouillabaisse bouillon
bouquet, aroma, nose (wine) bourbon braise
bran brandy bread
brine broil broth, stock
brown brunoise butter

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cacao beans, cocoa beans cake candy
candy temperature stages cane syrup canola oil
caper cappuccino capsaicin
caramel; caramelize cardamom carpaccio
casserole cast-iron skillet Celsius, Fahrenheit
ceviche chai champagne, sparkling wine
charcuterie chard Chartreuse
Chateaubriand chaud-froid cheese
cheesecloth chevre chicharron
chicken Kiev chicken Tetrazzini chicken-fried steak, chicken-fried chicken
chicory chiffonade chile, chili, chilli
chitterlings, chitlins chives chocolate
choux pastry chowder churn
chutney ciabatta cider, hard cider
cilantro, coriander cinnamon cipollini
citron claret clarify, fine
clingstone, freestone clotted cream clove
cocktail cocoa, Dutch-process cocoa, cocoa butter coddle
coffee cognac colander
collard greens, collards compote compound butter
concasse, concasser conch confit
congee consomme convection oven
cooling rack coq au vin cork taint, corked
corn (US), maize corn syrup cornichon
cornstarch cotriade couscous
cracklings, cracklin' crayfish, crawfish, crawdad, crawdaddy cream
cream cheese cream of tartar cream puff
creme anglaise creme brulee creme fraiche
crepe croissant croquemboche
croquette crostini crudites
crumpet cube curacao
curd curd curdle
cure currant, cassis curry
cut in   

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daikon dash, pinch dashi
daube decant, decanter deep fry
deglaze degrease demi-glace
demitasse devein devil
dice digestif, aperitif distill
dock double boiler dough
dragees dry (wine), sec, brut dry rub
dulce de leche durian dust, duster
Dutch oven duxelles  

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eau de vie eclair edamame
egg wash egg, albumen, egg white, yolk eggs Benedict, eggs Florentine, eggs Neptune, eggs Sardou, etc.
emulsify, emulsion, emulsifier en papillote entrecote
espresso essence executive chef, chef de cuisine

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fair-trade falafel farro
fat ferment, fermentation fiddleheads
file powder fines herbes fish sauce, nam pla, garum
five-spice powder flambe flax
flour flute foie gras
fold fondant food mill
food processor frappe/granita free-range
freeze dry freezer burn french
fricassee frisée fugu

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galantine game ganache
garde manger garnish gelatin
genetically modified organism, GMO ghee gin
gluten gnocchi goulash
grain, cereal, farina, corn (Europe) grate, grater, Microplane gratin
gravlax gravy grenadine
grill grits, hominy grit guanciale

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halal halva, halvah Ham
harissa head cheese hero, hoagie, grinder, heater, po boy, submarine sandwich
hibachi hoisin Hollandaise sauce
hominy honey hops

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ice cream ice wine, Eiswein ice-cream maker
infuse, infusion   

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jerk jicama jigger
julep julienne jus

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kaffir lime key lime kimchi, kimchee
knife korma kosher

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lagniappe lard lardon
lassi, lhassi leaven legume
linguica liqueur liquid smoke

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macaroni macaroon, macaron macerate
maitre d'hotel, maitre d' malt mandoline
marbled margarine marinade, marinate
marrow marzipan masa, masa harina
mascarpone mash, sour mash matza, matzo, matzoh
mead meringue mesclun
meuniere Meyer lemon mezzaluna
microwave milk, buttermilk millet
mince mincemeat mint
mirepoix, mire poix mirin mise en place
miso mocha molasses
mold mole molecular gastronomy
monosodium glutamate, MSG mop mortar and pestle
mousse mouthfeel muddle
muesli mull mushroom

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naan nog nori
nougat nuts  

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oats offal oil

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paella paillard pan fry
panade panbroil pancetta
paneer panini panko
paprikas, paprikash parboil, parcook, parbroil pare
pareve, parve parfait pasta
pasteurized pastry pastry bag
pastry chef, patissier pate pectin
peel pepper pepper mill
pepper, sweet pesto petit four
pho phyllo, filo, fillo pickle
pie pilaf pissaladiere
pith pizza poach
ponzu poultry preserves
pressure cooker, pressure cooking prosciutto pudding
puff pastry puree  

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quiche quiche  

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rémoulade render rennet
rice rillettes roast
roe, coral, uni rotisserie roulade
roux rum  

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saddle sake salamander
salsa salt sangria
saté, satay sauce saucier
saucisson sauté scald
scallop schmaltz score
Scoville rating scrapple / goetta seafood
sear seitan separate (eggs)
shellfish sherbet, sorbet sherry
shoyo, soy sauce sift, sifter silver skin
simmer simple syrup slow cook
smoke point sommelier soufflé
soup sour cream sous chef
sous vide soy, soybean spaetzle
sponge sriracha steam
stevia stew stir fry
stud suet sugar
sushi, sashimi sweat sweetbreads

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tahini tannin tapenade
tapioca tartare tea, tisane
tempeh temper temperature
tempura tenderize tequila
terroir thermometer toast
toddy tofu tomalley
tomatillo treacle tripe

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vanilla varietal veal
vegan vegetarian velouté
venison vermouth vichyssoise
vinaigrette vinegar vodka

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wasabi wassail What the guac? Oxford updates food definitions
whey whisk whiskey, whisky
wine wok  

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yam, sweet potato yeast yogurt

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za'atar zest; zester zweiback
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