May 10th, 2013
03:45 PM ET
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Nathan Berrong works at CNN's satellite desk and writes Eatocracy's beer column, "Berrong on Beer." He Tweets at @nathanberrong and logs beers at Untappd.

Forget the tuba and accordion. Put away the lederhosen, and keep the beer steins on the shelf. The vast majority of today's beer festivals have little in common with the traditional Oktoberfest celebration.

As craft beer continues to rise in popularity, the trickle-down effect of that growth means more beer festivals popping up all over the United States. And the beer festivals of today offer a lot more than just drinking ales and lagers. Many offer live entertainment, educational workshops and even food pairings.

Go to CNN Travel to see seven upcoming beer festivals that are setting the standard by which to measure all others.

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